Renewing The Promise of North Baton Rouge

Creating meaningful change in the heart of Louisiana

About North Baton Rouge Now

North Baton Rouge Now is a non-profit that’s creating change through advocacy, grassroots and coalition support. We are on a mission to help communities in North Baton Rouge achieve social, civic and economic equity. Our vision is to empower the people of North Baton Rouge to build their own livelihood and a sustainable community.


The Community Causes that We Champion

We are proud to help our local communities realize their full potential by providing health and safety services, financial support, business coaching, education and more. Our wide portfolio of community projects include the development of a new Emergency Room in North Baton Rouge, rebuilding the local zoo, implementing a historic district, creating holiday programs and more.

Southern University campus in North Baton Rouge, a prominent HBCU.

Newly-landscaped grounds at Southern University campus.

The new ExxonMobil plant, essential to the economic, political and social landscape of North Baton Rouge.

Tony’s Seafood is a cultural and culinary icon in Baton Rouge.

The Krewe of Oshun will be the first Mardi Gras parade for North Baton Rouge hosted by NBR Now.

A #1 family attraction, the Baton Rouge Zoo is a place where families come together to enjoy nature.

The Emergency Room in North Baton Rouge that we lobbied hard to keep intact.

Local kids participating in North Baton Festival celebrations.

We held the community’s Christmas tree festival in Scotlandville.

Proud to serve our local community

Through advocacy and leadership by example, we work with the local government, parishes and citizens to help individuals, families, and businesses achieve and sustain success. With public, private and grassroot support, we’ve had great success and we’re just getting started. Come join our upcoming planning events to see our work in action.


Join us for the 2020 Krewe of Oshun Parade and Festival, community meeting and planning session.

You Can Make A Difference

Change starts with people waking up to the problems surrounding their communities. We believe in the power of grassroots movements to create positive change and a lasting impact. You can get involved with North Baton Rouge Now by donating monetary contributions, volunteering your time or by getting in touch with our team.

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